MS Experience

A series of live event experiences designed to educate non-medical personnel about the Multiple Sclerosis disease.

This empathy campaign brought the various symptoms of MS to life through physical and virtual sensations using VR, stimulation, audio, and mobility tests.

The entire experience was very successful and was showcased several times at national events and eventually turned into a semi-permanent installation within the company.

Concepts, Wireframes, UI, Game Logic, Art Direction, Design, Flash Programming, Set Construction, Event Facilitation, Account Management, Analytics Tracking

Pathology 101 Interactive Laboratory

An interactive doctor’s office and pathology lab where users can explore different physical areas and interact for more information, includes clean illustrations and subtle environmental animations. Each section is tracked and knowledge is reinforced with small quizzes throughout. The user must explore all areas to collect the eight key take-aways for training credit.

Concept, Wireframe, UI, Art Direction, Analytics Tracking

Distance Learning Competition

A remote Jeopardy style game around hematology education. The client needed a way to introduce knowledge reinforcement through gaming and friendly competition for employees spread across the nation. Multiple remote players, multiple simultaneous games, a simple CMS, and analytics tracking made a successful, reusable product.

Concept, Wireframe, Game Logic, Information Architecture, UI, User Testing

Interactive MRI Study Sharing Tool

A concept for an advanced MRI training curriculum with editable and shareable note features, infographics, and interactive thought leader videos.

Concept, UI, Art Direction

DELPHIRE Learning System

Delphire is a content managed, cloud-based learning system that allows users to conveniently access material of all types while staying in sync across multiple devices, complete with granular user tracking and detailed analytics.

Concept, Wireframe, Information Architecture, UI, Art Direction, User Testing, Analytics Tracking

Digital Training Curriculum

A concept created, wireframed, and pitched in six hours that developed into the official learning plan for sales forces across multiple brands within the company. A ‘gamified’ approach encourages usage and competition across each division within the nation. Available across multiple platforms, users can easily access the training and know how long each item will take to complete.

The official curriculum was retro-fitted into the client’s already established learning platform.

Concept, Wireframe, Information Architecture, UI, Account Management, Art Direction, User Testing, Analytics Tracking

iDetail Interactive Study Guide

An interactive study guide complete with 3D animations and an intuitive UI for easy navigation to various sections.

Wireframe, UI

C3: Collect. Connect. Call. Web App

A web application for colleagues to connect and educate each other based on their various levels of expertise on a particular subject. Users are paired with others based on their subject comfortability and can call or message each other directly through the app.

Concept, Wireframe, Information Architecture, App Logic, UI, Account Management, Analytics Tracking

Think Say Do: A Managerial Scenarios Discussion Game

ThinkSayDo is a card game to break the ice and promote discussion around best practices in a leadership role. Initially playful and ridiculous, the game encourages best practice story sharing with guided discussions. The client originally wanted a digital activity but the time, budget, and nature of the learning called for very personal interactions between colleagues.

Concept, Copywriting, Game Logic, Art Direction, Account Management

Pegasys Dash!

A simple HTML racing game. The client wanted something simple for teams to be able to generate additional points during a live event competition.

With team selection and Pegasys customization, the best times for each team are recorded and integrated to a back-end scoring system, then pushed to an animated horse race style leaderboard that was displayed throughout the event.

This concept was created, designed, developed and tested in 3 days.

Concept, Wireframe, Game Logic, Art Direction, UI, User Testing

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